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    Javascript printing causes Adobe 9 to hang


      I have a J2EE App that fills out a form for the user, then opens the pdf and uses JavaScript to print the pdf.

      I have noticed that when I try and open the PDF(and javascript tries to print) AcroRd32.exe starts to use 100% CPU.

      It doesnt even print!

      Is anybody else running into this problem?

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          I added the folder that my app downloads the PDF's to the priviliged folder list.

          This seems to clear up almost all of my issues.

          The one remaining issue is that if i try and open up multiple pdf's (all printing automatically) at the same time there are a certain few that will hang. It is always the same pdf's that will hang, and doesn't seem to matter how many working pdf's are opened before that one.

          ie if 1,2 work and 3 doesnt.

          opening each seperatley will work.

          opening 1 and 2 will work.

          oepning 1 and/or 2 then 3 will cause 1 and 2 to work while 3 hangs.

          If 1 or 2 is open then i open 3 it will hang.

          And just for fun this occurs in Windows XP SP2 but not Vista (rtm or sp1) It also does not occur in adobe reader 8.x in both xp and vista.

          Any ideas on what could cause this?