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    Probably the FAQ of the week, but....

      Something that's been irking me for a while.

      Windows Vista, about 3GB RAM, about 300GB of HD (at least half free), AMD dual core chip at about 2ghz. (SP1)

      When I'm veiwing a PDF (free Version of Adobe 8), and do a "Save", a default directory pops up.

      If I don't choose to use that one, and type something like "C:\temp\sheepdip.pdf", I get an error message about illegal characters in the file name. While I'm typing that, I see the insides of the directory I've named, showing me other files with similar names, as it should.

      I have to go to the top of the box and select the directory I want, with the mouse, and then open that director FIRST, before clicking "Save" with just the file name on the file name line.

      This is contrary to usual Windows "Save As" handling, and it always upsets me because I have to first mouse around to get to the directory, and then re-type (or edit) the file name line, after I've already typed a complete file name and path....

      Any ideas?