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    Installing Reader 9.0 on non-system disk?

      I'd like to install on my D: drive, because the system disk C: is pretty full. Installing Reader 9.0 consumes around 50% of the remaining free space. However, the download/install procedure doesn't provide any options whatsoever (as far as I can see) for installing to a location other than C:\Program Files\.

      Any suggestions will be welcomed. Thank you.

      If it's not possible to install to D:, can I get way with moving (or deleting) the .cab file in the Setup Files folder? That accounts for half the disk consumption right there...

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Its time for a new larger C: drive. Fortunately, storage is cheap.

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            Heh... yeah, I can't argue with that. Well, it's an old machine (a 266MHz P2) I've been using as a file server, and I don't really want to spend money on it or mess with it too much, but I've been forced to use it as my primary machine for the past month. Migrating to a new HD might be more trouble that it's worth - basically I'd have to rebuild the system from scratch. Many of the apps are installed on D:, which is a logical drive on the same physical device as C:. Each partition is 3GB. I guess a 6GB disk was "too big" back when this machine was new. I've been running Win2K. Maybe it's time to hose the OS, reformat and repartition the drive to one 6GB partition, and install Mepis Lite. ;-)