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    VBA code Wanted to eliminate save as dialogue box..Ms Project

      hello i've been through the various forums listed here, but cannot find anyone who has been able to supply the code to eliminate the dialogue box for the "file save as" window,

      I have been able to write code to edit,Copy pictures from MS Project, save as GIF's and then insert them into powerpoints and then save as PDf, but then it all stops, whilst i have to browse to my folder location type in my file name and then save, but whilst i am doing the last bit the browse etc, the code is still running doing my other 250 pictures, now i could slow it all down but asking it not to continue until i have saved the first one but then i may as well do it all manually. i need the code to stop the print as pdf browse function window getting in the way.... can anyone help....Please...

      I am willing to share the VBA that does the Ms Project to powerpoint to PDF bit..but only if i can get it all to work....