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    Cannot update Adobe Reader

      Adobe Update Manager is giving me message Error 1714. The older version of Adobe Reader 1.0 cannot be removed. COntact your technical support group.

      When I go to Windows change/remove program and try to delete earlier version I get message "the installation server for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and you can access it.:

      How do I get old version removed so that I can apply update
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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Adobe Reader 1.0 ? Which operating system?
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            I have the same problem and have Windows XP.
            It does not let me print the PDF forms.
            How can I get rid of the last update of 7/11/2007.
            It is that which does not allow me to download the Adobe 9.
            Thanks for any help.
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              Sorry - XP Pro. Last version of Reader is 7.08
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                Nemuri13 Level 1
                use the directions in this doc to remove the older version and then reinstall the new version:

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                  Tried the things recommended in the document you attached but no joy. Solution 1 -- I could not find the MSI file so I downloaded a new copy of the full 7.0.8 from the web site. It would not install but it did copy files down. I tried doing the update hoping that the missing files would be found but it did not work.

                  Solution 2 -- removing with appwiz.cpl is the same as using remove/change programs. Downloaded the new stuff, did the configuration but bombed when it tried to delete old version.

                  Solution 3 -- I do not have a disk except the ones that came from Dell, and that was probably an earlier version and it is unlikely that I can find the needed files on the disk, particularly since I do not know which one(s) are missing.

                  Solution 4 sounds scary.

                  Does anyone know what I am missing and where I can copy it from/to?

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                    Solution #4 is easy
                    1. Open Browser, type in "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility"
                    When Results appear, look for "support,microsoft.com "DESCRIPTION OF WINDOWS INSTALLER CLEANUP UTILITY"---"click"
                    2. When page opens, scroll down to "Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Package Now" (you can read instructions or not)
                    3. When "File Download-Security Warning" box appears---click "RUN"
                    4. After Download completes--Open "PROGRAMS" on your computer and look for "WINDOWS INSTALL CLEANUP"---"click" to open.
                    5. When Box opens, look for Adobe Reader you want to delete-----click to highlight CAUTION--DO NOT HIGHLIGHT ANY OTHER PROGRAM--CAUTION
                    6 At bottom of box---click "REMOVE"
                    7. Go back to "CONTROL PANEL"-ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS"-Adobe Reader should have been removed
                    8. Now download the Adobe Reader of your choice
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                      Carl, thanks for your tip. I was scared to go that route but you helped me to understand. Hope that York Freund can fix it. I will try that "scary" route.
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                        Finally got to try it -- worked like a champ. Thanks for your help.