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    Adobe Reader 9 administrator accounts desktop icon

      Does anyone know how to do the follow as it is quite Adobe 9 is quite annoying:

      1 - take off the adobe reader 9 icon off the desktop -- it keeps recreating it after I delete it! NOW WHY WOULD adobe force this on us?

      2 - under NON administrator accounts, PDF are no longer shown with the associated extensions. If logged under ADMINISTRATOR accounts, it works fine. Logging out and going back under non admin, shows pdf as unknown program extensions.

      3 - how to install the adobe suite to whatever drive i want. there does not seem to be a choice for adobe reader and it installs to c and our drives are full on drive c now?

      4 - Adobe - we have many people who can not read beyond 800x600 resolution. Lately your products are for the 1200 resolution range. Can you please make your boxes smaller as we can NOT press the OK box on many of the application windows.

      5 - Why do we have to install Adobe AIR, Adobe.com etc. We do not want to install it. HOW do we NOT install it -- except for UNINSTALLING it after?

      thanks danny