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    Update on ETA for Customization Wizard 9??

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      Any news on the Customization Wizard 9? I would really like to get this deployed so my boss will get off my back. The extracted files are sitting there waiting...

      The instructions for extracting the files to create the MSI that are located at:

      are pretty complete, except for the reference to Customization Wizard 9....which is not here!

      My Network users are waiting...The boss of my boss is getting agitated...and I am popping Tums like they were the tastiest candy in all of Willy Wonkas factory. (yes, I can hear the Oompa Loompas about to break into song..)

      Could we get an update, news release, unconfirmed siting of Bigfoot or something so we can actually plan on getting this deployed across the network?