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    Adobe Reader doesn't properly refresh in Firefox

      I'm experiencing an annoying problem with Firefox (v2.0 and v3.0) and Adobe Reader 9.0. I'm a web developer, so it's my job to create PDF files on the fly and present them in the browser. The problem is, after you first load the PDF and then hit "Refresh" in Firefox, Adobe Reader is just showing the old file again, even though Firefox is requesting the new file (this I've verified).

      These are not PDF files you download and save to your computer, rather I only see this with documents you view with the browser plugin that comes with Adobe Reader.

      I've tried numerous things, like telling the browser not the cache the PDF and providing a random name for the document each time it downloads, neither work. I've also been able to reproduce this issue on another computer. I also don't observe this problem with IE 7.0 and Adobe Reader.

      Any ideas?