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    Can Adobe Reader be installed from file

      Looking to install "Adobe Reader 9 / Windows XP SP2 - SP3"
      Problem - my fixed pc is on a slow connection, my dial-up ISP disconnects after 2 hours, nothing I can do about it. (Unfortunately being distant from the phone exchange broadband is n/a).
      Frustratingly the 33.5MB (excl Google toolbar) download cannot quite complete in 2 hours. Tried a few times, once only needed another 30 seconds!

      Q. Can I install from file. If so I can download and "save to file" to a Vista laptop and copy the setup file to the WinXP pc. Two reasons for suspecting that's not possible are, the advice to "run" and not "save to file", and an active-x "set-up" control that appears to want to install into my IE (blocked by my AV).

      If it is possible, must I allow the set-up control to install into IE on the Vista (I don't want to cause any problems on the Vista, already had other problems with Adobe Reader on that).