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    Design-Time Stylesheets and Contribute / DW Template Problems

    Roger-Law Librarian
      Does anybody know the order in which design-time stylesheets get implemented when editing pages in Contribute? We are experiencing problems that editing CSS-based pages with Dreamweaver templates (with conditional regions) slows to a crawl and stops at times. It fixes things somewhat when a design-time stylesheet is applied. With multiple stylesheets declared in the template, I need to know when the design rules will overwrite rules declared in other css stylesheets in a page. Putting aside issues of inheritance, will a rule for a class in a design-time stylesheet overwrite rules in ALL OTHER css references?

      I could remove CSS entirely in the Contribute edit view (see: http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_18761) but this makes editing much less of a WYSIWYG experience, which is what Contribute is otherwise good for.