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    Reader 8 Updater locks user domain account

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      I'm having an issue at work where the AdobeUpdater appears to be caching the username and password in order to get through the proxy when checking for updates. Our password policy requires a new password every 30 days. After a password change, updater will run with old information and lock the user's account. It never prompts for a new password, just keeps trying until the account is locked. If I manually run AdobeUpdaterInstallMgr.exe I'm prompted with a dialog box that shows the domain\username and password along with a check box to save the password. Then, the user can enter the new password and uncheck the box and everything appears to work fine.

      Does anyone know where the cached information is being stored? It would be nice to be able to push out a patch that clears this information without having to involve each user.