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    Pdf keeps opening outside IE7

      A have recently tried out an non-Adobe pdf reader. I decided to revert to Adobe and I uninstalled the non-Adobe reader and reinstalled Acrobat 9. Ever since, I cannot open pdf's *inside* IE. When I open an pdf from the internet it is always opened maximised and in Acrobat, not in IE. I have tried the usual advice:

      1) I made sure that there are no other Acrobat versions installed.
      2) I made sure that there is absolutely nothing left of the non-Adobe pdf reader.
      3) I made sure that the "Displayed pdf in browser" is ticked.
      4) I even followed the Adobe technote on this issue which advises one to modify the windows registry.
      5) I reset 'IE explorer settings' on the 'Advanced' under 'Internet Options'
      6) I tried all of the above with various sequences and rebooted inbetween.

      I am using IE7 on Vista Vista Home Basic which I diligently update.

      I'd really appreciate any help on this issue.