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    Scanning saves to desktop - desktop files don't move

      Hey all, I'm really not even sure where to go for this question. The boss is computer illiterate and comes to me with every little perceived problem. Well, seems she used to be able to click and drag .pdf files from her desktop to a folder and it would move that file. She had some computer work done last week and now she can't move them.

      I was looking into it, trying to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it and realized that the click and drag method is actually copying the file and putting that copy in the folder, but it's leaving the original on the desktop. So, delete the desktop version, right? Uh... no, can we make it act like it used to? She wants the file to move off her desktop and be dropped into her folder with the click and drag method.

      We have a scanner/copier - we scan items onto our desktop and it comes up as Adobe Reader .pdf files. That's the reason I'm coming here... lol, what a petty problem, huh!