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    Fixing cosmetic differences between Reader 8 and 9

      When Reader 9 starts up, by default it clicks the Highlight Fields toggle button. In Reader 8, this was unchecked by default.

      In general, this is a good thing. It makes it much more obvious to end-users which documents are fillable/editable PDFs, and which are plain PDFs that can only be printed.

      However, in some cases, where your user-base is already expecting fillable forms, this means that all your carefully color-coordinated forms now dont look as good on startup.

      Another issue is when you have required fields, which show up with red borders - apart from looking a bit garish, our usability testing has indicated that it can make new users freak out, thinking theyve already made a mistake before theyve even done anything.

      This is compounded if you have fields with caption above the field, which in Reader 9 is rendering as two red borders.

      There is a very simple way to preserve the Reader 8 behavior. Here's how:

      http://avokahhh.wordpress.com/2008/07/30/a-fix-for-some-cosmetic-differences-between-reade r-8-and-9/