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    PDF hyperlink to web page displays web page behind PDF

      We have a development which generates a PDF including hyperlinks to web pages. We issue the PDF out as an attachment and users then read the PDF an click on the link.

      The problem we are experiencing is that some users have the web page fire up behind the PDF. So if they have Acrobat Reader in maximised mode and then click on the link the resulting web page doesn't get focus and so they don't see it (very frustrating). This behaviour only occurs on some PC clients but we can't nail what makes it display the page (or not).

      We are using a standard desktop of min config Windows 2000 upwards, IE6 up, Acrobat Reader 7.0 up (but we also get the same thing happen on 7.1.0 on some desktops).

      Can anyone point us to the component controlling this.
      Regards, Mark