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    Internet Explorer is crashing when clicking on PDF-links

      When clicking on a link to a PDF-file (*.pdf) in Internet Explorer, which normally should open the PDF-file within the browser window, I get an error message saying that Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and must be closed.

      More informations:

      * This problem ONLY occur when Internet Explorer is the only application running.
      * This problem DO NOT occur if Adobe Reader is started and running simultaneously with Internet Explorer (even is no PFD-documents is opened in Adobe Reader).
      * After the crash in Internet Explorer, the following entry is found in Windows event logs (sorry for Norwegian text only): "Feilende program iexplore.exe, versjon 6.0.2800.1106, feilende modul msvcr71.dll, versjon 7.10.3052.4, feiladresse 0x000017fb."

      * Adobe Reader version: 7.0.8 (Norwegian)
      * Operating system: Windows XP Professional SP2 (Norwegian)