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    Installing old version

      The weirdest thing happen. My computer died and I had to reinstall Windows and practically everything else. I managed to install Adobe Reader 6 or 7 (I have both) from my back-up drive. It worked fine for a few days. Then yesterday all of a sudden it was gone. It's still on my backup. I can move from E (the backup) to C but I can't figure out how to install it. I don't know how I did it in the first place. I don't see anything that looks like it says "click here to install".

      I tried downloading version 9 and gave up. I have the same problem as everyone else, it gets to 99.9% on the installation and then quits. I tried the link to download just the reader and not that other junk and the same thing happened. So I'd just like to go back to one of my old versions.

      Now if I got into E, I can run the old reader then open my document from there. So it does work. I just can't figure out how to install it on C.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Oh, I'm running Windows XP.