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    Problems with Display PDF in browser option in Adobe reader 8.1.1

      Hi,<br /><br />I noticed this subject has been posted before but I have another question relating to it.<br /><br />I have rolled out the Adobe Reader 8.1.1 to all machines in my company. For the package creation I used the Adobe Customisation Wizard and I used the option Disable display of PDF in browser which is causing problems with one of our applications. I need to be able to put the tick in the box for certain users. Unfortunately the option in preferences is greyed out now.<br /><br />As per a previous solution I have deleted the bBrowserIntegration registry key from HKLM/software/policies/adobe/acrobat reader/8.0/FeatureLockdown which has successfully un-greyed the box. However I cannot work out how to put the tick in the box via the registry. I would like to be able to script this and send out the solution to the relevant PCs.<br /><br />I have tried using msiexec /i <path to reader msi or product id> ADDLOCAL=ReaderBrowserIntegration to reinstall the component but this just greys out the box again and also doesn't put the tick in. I have tried it with /QB on the end and without it but still no luck.<br /><br />Can anyone help?<br /><br />Thanks<br /><br />Jamie