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    Adobe Reader/Acrobat forms issues!

      This is a long one, and I know it's been posted before, but I just wanted to try again anyway.

      I've just created a form using Adobe Designer, one that contains fields that someone can fill out when the form is open with Adobe Reader. The form I've created specifically is for a medical practice, and the first few fields are the doctor's last name, first name, and middle initial. Is there any way that, when I click Save As, a file name is automatically created in the Save As box that contains the last name, first name, and middle initial? I'd like the file name to look like this: LastName-FirstNameMiddleInitial.

      Also, this is a form that the people who work at this practice will be using regularly. After the doctor's name fields are a few fields for the date, time in, and time out. Right now, we'd like the date to look like this: 07-16-2008. We'd also like the time in and time out to look like this: 12:00. I'd like it so that, if some data entry person at this medical clinic is tying in the date, and, say, they type in the date as 07/16/2008, it is automatically formatted to 07-16-2008 with the hyphens. Same with the time. Everyone types things in differently, and I'd love to know what I need to do so that it's automatically converted to the date/time design I listed above.

      The form also contains an electronic signature field. The purpose of the signature field is mainly to expand on the services we offer in terms of going paperless. We want to help our clients STAY paperless, which means preventing the need to print off more paper. This form I'm working on is for a medical practice and is simply a doctor's form, with field for the doctor's name, date/time, a field for any info the doctor would like to input, and then the electronic signature field.

      After the PDF is created, it is more than likely saved, which presents other problems, as I've now learned you can't save with Adobe Reader.

      As far as looking up data on the form in the future is concerned, I'm pretty sure that's a big yes. I don't know that this particular PDF would be updated constantly, but I'm sure it will need to be retrieved at some point. How can the data be inputed so it can be retrieved from a database?

      I've heard some talk about JavaScript in regards to this issue, as well. How exactly do I go about providing JavaScript? I know how to create a button in Designer, but I've had little experience with JavaScript. I've downloaded a program (PF Merge?) that might allow me to link the form I've created to a database, but I'm not sure how it works yet. Is that what you were referring to as far as our comments about an SQL database is concerned? Is there another way I can create a connection to a database, say, a slightly easier way?