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    blank pdf page after conversion from hpgl

      We use pdf and hpgl libs to do conversion of hpgl documents to pdf in a batch mode.

      Sometimes, we encounter converted pdfs which are blank, these are the characteristics

      File size original HPGL 1075Kb

      Converted pdf file size 308Kb

      The HPGL uses color pens (all our docs do)

      When the page is opened in Acrobat, it is blank in the display but appears to be the correct size as the original. (same aspect ratio)

      If I select View -> Grid in Acrobat, grid lines appear and the drawing or image then appears. (even after the grid lines are turned back off)

      Various other changes to the document properties like changing the Adobe RGB or reselecting the Grayscale will cause the image to appear as well.

      If I save the document once it is visible and then open it again it is blank again.

      If I open the blank document and immediately print it, the image or drawing is printed correctly.

      I would like to know if this is a conversion issue or an image display problem?

      I know this is a difficult issue but any help would be appreciated.