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    Trying to download Adobe Reader 9 to Windows XP Media Center

      I'm a novice in computer workings, and I had some "fatal error" message when I tried to open the reader 8.1.2 that has been on my computer for awhile. So,I tried downloading reader 9 and it would download but at 99.90% installed a pop-up appears to download RealPlayer. I tried downloading realplayer thinking it had something to do with adobe but then my adobe install screen vanished, went back to adobe, downloaded reader 9 again, when realplayer popped up again did "remind me later" and install adobe vanished again. went to add/remove programs and removed realplayer and adobe 8.1.2. went back to adobe, downloaded reader 9 again and the same thing happened. so now i don't have any adobe reader and I need it to download forms. HELP