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    I don't understand

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      When I had problems downloading and installing Flash, I had no problem getting help from Adobe. I'm now having problems with Reader 9 (the 99.9% problem a lot of people are having) and I've opened cases twice. Both times I've been told that there is no support for that product and the case was withdrawn. Why would they offer support for one free program but not another? Why don't they fix the problem? And why do you have to install a Beta version of a program along with it? I don't any Beta versions on my computer. Luckily I was able to install an older version of Reader. This is really annoying.
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Leigh Ann,

          Adobe offers these forums as alternative the official support. When you
          said you have had no problems getting support for downloading and
          installing Flash, do you mean Adobe Flash (a commercial product,
          eligible for free tech support for installation problems of current
          versions) or Adobe Flash Player (a free program offered with no official
          tech support)? Assuming you mean the latter, it could be that you
          happened to hit upon a tech support person that took pity on you and
          offered support against official Adobe policy. Adobe Reader and Flash
          Player are installed on a majority of web connected computers. The cost
          of free technical support for a user base of this size would be
          prohibitive. In fact, I have read that Flash Player has a penetration
          rate of 99%. How can any company offer free support for so many users?

          In any case, I am sorry you are having problem installing Reader 9. If
          you give us the OS of your computer and the method of download and
          installation, perhaps we can help.

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            They do offer support for Adobe Flash Player. When you go to their Customer Support Portal and go to contact customer service they have a drop-down list of programs that they offer support for and Adobe Flash Player is on that list. I'm using Windows XP and I've tried everything in these forums that people have suggested for installing Reader and none of it works. I didn't try deleting the registry keys, though. I'm not messing around with that! But I got an old version installed and it works just fine. It's just aggravating because it seems like so many people have this same problem and it's not in their trouble-shooting list. They also aren't giving me any option to pay for help, although if I looked around I suppose I could find it. But like I said, I'm happy with the old version.
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              MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
              Leigh Ann,

              Not to be pedantic. That email support is listed for Flash Player
              Professional, not Flash Player. I'm unsure of the difference in the
              products. However, I am glad you got the support you needed.

              > I didn't try deleting the registry keys, though.

              Alas that is sometimes necessary.

              Paid support for Reader is available for $39 per incident:

              Since you are happy with using the old version, we should let this drop.
              If you change your mind or need a feature in the new version please
              start a new thread and we can try to give you a hand.

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                I have no idea what all the differences are either. They have so many variations of the different programs. I just saw this "Help with Adobe® Flash® Player and Shockwave® Player is provided online only, not over the phone" and I did get the help. Mostly I just needed to vent because I was so aggravated. But I have some version of everything working now, so all is well. Maybe when version 10 (possibly 11) comes out, I'll be able to get 9 to work!