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    Color of embedded graphic different in Adobe Reader 9?


      I have a cross-platform and cross-version issue that I am hoping that this is the right place to get get some insight on. I normally do most of my work on a Mac (OS X 10.5.4 PPC), and created a document in Microsoft Word 2008 (w/latest patches) that has one embedded graphic, a custom black horizontal line that I designed myself as a PNG with some alpha transparency. When I print the document to PDF, either using the built-in renderer or the Acrobat 8 PDF printer installed on the machine, I am able to open the resulting PDF in either Preview or Acrobat 8.1.2 on the same computer and it looks as expected.

      However, if I take it over to my PC running Vista SP1 (w/latest patches) and open up the PDF in Acrobat Reader 9.0, the color of the embedded graphic is different, a kind of orange-y brown which looks really horrible; it is as if the normally grayscale embedded image has been tinted. The text of the document remains black, it is only the embedded image that has had its color changed. If I open the Word document on the PC in Word 2007 (again, w/latest patches), however, the embedded graphic looks grayscale, as expected.

      I have tried a few things such as specifying the image format as grayscale within Word 2008 before printing to PDF, converting the PNG into GIF with Photoshop CS3 on the Mac (which shows it as grayscale) and re-embedding it and printing to PDF/X instead of PDF, but none of these seem to make any difference.

      Unfortunately I don't have access to Acrobat Pro 9.0 for the Mac or Acrobat Reader 8.1.2 for the PC so I cannot tell if it's the switch between platforms or between versions that lies behind the issue, but does anybody have any ideas on how to make it look the same across platforms?