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    Internal Error message when trying to run adobe reader 9

      I downloaded and installed the new adobe reader 9. When I run it I get 'internal error' error message and now can't access any of my documents and my assignments were due in today.

      I was hoping that version 9 would have fixed the peculiarities around a. column reading (it doesn't recognise them and reads as if they are a single line) b. the enforced change in font when moving between 400% AND 800% magnification where it suddenly changes from my proportional font (Times New Roman) to a fixed font which makes reading impossible.

      Hey adobe please make your software accessible to ALL people so I can complete re-training via my post graduate diploma and become a tax payer again!!

      I am running on a 17" MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GB RAM. Mac OS 10.5.4 and I also had a copy of version 8 installed.

      Anyone come across this issue and found out what's happening and a work around??

      kind regards
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          As a professor, I'd like to say that you shouldn't wait for the last
          minute---but I won't since it is not helpful. As a mac user, you have
          the Apple Preview program that will open most pdf files with no issue.
          In terms of column reading, unless a document is appropriately tagged,
          Reader has no method of knowing that the document has columns or where
          they are.

          Reader never changes font when the magnification is changed. Something
          else is going on.

          It sounds as if you need to remove Reader and try to re-install. If that
          doesn't work, perhaps there is a preference file problem. You can check
          this possibility by running as a different user.