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    Run Reader 8 or 9 from CD

      Is it possible to run Reader 8 or 9 from cd? We have a project that we would like to have autorun Reader 8 or 9 opening one of the pdf's on the cd. The pdf that opens has a button that was created with the link tool to execute the "Edit>Search" function. This will not work with Reader 8 or 9. Were were able to get it to work using Reader 7 though.

      The way we have been trying this out is by installing Reader 8 then adding the install directory to the cd along with all of the pdf documents. We then have an autorun file that loads the acrord32.exe from the cd. Acrobat loads from the cd and opens the specified pdf document, but when you click the search button nothing happens.

      Any ideas on if this can be done?