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      Having a problem with Reader 8.1.2. Recently downloaded a trail of Adobe Photoshop. Ever since have been unable to read pdf files using Reader. Tried downloading Reader 9 to replace 8.1.2 but during the installation it comes up with a message that it cannot find "AdbeRdr812_en_US.msi". I cannot find it either! The installation goes no further. I tried uninstalling Reader 8.1.2 only to run into the same message. Is there anyway to get either the uninstaller or the installer of Reader 9 to by-pass looking for the older version of Reader? At this point I am totally stuck. Have tons of pdf files to read and I cannot read them? HELP!! I have tried uninstalling ALL Adobe products thinking there might be some conflict somewhere - no luck. At this point I cannot use Reader 8.1.2 - I cannot uninstall Reader 8.1.2 - I cannot install Reader 9! HELP!!