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    sound.setvolume screwing me up

    VooDoo Chicken Level 1
      hi, i want to control 2 sounds via actionscript, one of those plays when a conditios is present, the other one plays when another condition is present, but also changes volume according to the situation on the screen. the setvolume statement on the second sound (declared like var somesound=newsound(this): atachsound blah blah etc) is also changing the volume on the first sound, like it was a global property for all sounds or something, and the firs sound is supposed to play at a constant level. this is screwing up my movie! i tought about setting up the first sound in a different movie clip as an 'event sound' that runs embeded in the first one, with a frame with an actionscript statement 'stopallsounds', but this is a global statement, so whenever the movie that contains the first sound runs that statement, it would also stop the second sound.. i would not have any problem if the actios script would run correctly as it was supposed to do, but i am short in ideas to work around this one


      apart: any pointers on how to control sound pitch? (without having to calculate wafe offset and add or deal with wave calculations of course, the idea is to make it in an easy way)