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    Acrobat Reader Searching Capabilities

      I have a self-opening CD that launches web-based archival information on Internet Explorer (IE). When the CD is inserted into an end-users PC, IE launches from the end-users hard drive. All the datasheets that are launched from IE are Acrobat 7.0 PDF files. An index catalog was created to index the entire CD (over 1,200 PDF files). Each PDF file is set to open in browser view and launch the specific index that was created to search the entire CD content.

      My question is this,
      Can any version of Acrobat Reader be used to launch the indexes from CD for searching capability?

      And if NOT,
      What version of Acrobat Reader is required and can this version of Reader be forced to launch from the CD? Launching Reader from the CD would alleviate possible compatibility/functionality issues.