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    Reader 9, blank dialog box, can't open PDF from web

      I have a newly custom built computer running XP Pro (Quad-core with 3g of ram). I have a fresh install of Reader 9 and Firefox 3.0.1. When trying to open a PDF shipping label from USPS.com, Reader opens and an empty dialog box appears with only the OK button. When I click OK, Reader closes. I cannot print my shipping labels. Please help.
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          Same problem here. It took me a while, but I got it to work.

          Changing on how the content type would be handled did it for me.

          Check the image here:

          I needed to change the entry for 'PDF Document'. I set it to the top option. Doing this and testing it right away yielded in a crash. After restarting firefox the problems were gone.

          More info on the image above: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Adobe_Reader

          My guess is that the Adobe reader couldn't handle the fact that firefox hadn't downloaded the document yet, but was still trying to get it to open.