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    ComboBox unselects itself?

      So, picture this. I've got a DataGridColumn that has a headerRenderer which creates a combobox in the header.

      Now, the HBox that holds the ComboBox (in the headerRenderer) will dispatch an event to the parent DataGridColumn when the combobox is changed. That column will then reset it's datafield property, which allows me to customize the data that's displayed.

      But here's the weird part. By stepping through the code, I can see that the selectedItem is correct, but when I let it continue running, the comboBox looks as though the default has been chosen, and the datafield hasn't been altered. However, sorting the header (which has to call the backend to populate the sorted data, because there's too much to keep on the client) will show that the datafield has been updated.

      Is there some kind of invalidation that goes on that I might be missing?