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    Amazon.com's problem indexing PDFs

      I am one of many frustrated authors who has tried unsuccessfully to take advantage of Amazon.com's "Search Inside This Book" feature. In November 2007 I uploaded a PDF version of my book (Practically Shameless), and Amazon assured me that the PDF would gradually be indexed. The result would be that when a visitor to Amazon.com did a search on a text string that appears in my book, my book would appear in the search results.

      It is now August 2008, and Amazon's system has never indexed my book. A search on my name, which appears on the first page of text, gets no results. I've done other searches as well just to make sure, both within my book and using Amazon's sitewide search.

      I've corresponded repeatedly with Amazon's SITB department, which tells me that they don't know why it's not working for my book or many others. Many books on Amazon get indexed, and many others don't, and Amazon doesn't appear to know why. I know that I'm not alone in my frustration because I've found discussions like this one (http://tinyurl.com/6f3e3d).

      It occurs to me this morning to ask if there are experts on PDF files who could answer this question: Can a PDF file contain an error code, a corrupted byte, or any other kind of code or error that could explain Amazon's inability to index our PDFs?

      If not, I suspect the real problem is that Amazon's computers can't keep up with the addition of new books.

      Thanks for any help or thoughts about this.