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    Does Adobe Reader 9.0 conflict with Browser control?

      I wrote a simple application, which creates a AxSHDocVw.AxWebBrowser control (basically a form with the WebBrowser control added) to view a PDF document.
      Everything works well until I upgraded Adobe Reader to Ver.9(or Acrobat 9.0). When run the application and view a PDF document, and then close the application, an error occurs like following(not exactly, I translated from Japanese):
      The command "0x0d188595" referred memory "0x00000004". memory cannot become "read". Click [OK] to terminate the program.

      My environment is as following:
      Windows XP SP2
      Adobe Reader 6.0

      Does anybody has similar problem? Is it a bug of Adobe Reader 6.0? and is there any solution?
      Any seggestion is appreciated.