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    Problems printing

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      Running Adobe 9.0.0, Windows XP SP2.

      We've got a number of PDF files that I'm having issues with. They are saved on a network drive that I have full permissions to. When I try to open one, it opens, but I also get a dialog box that says "You do not have access to this file." It says that even though the file just opened and I can view it.

      So, I'm needing to print these PDFs. I tell it to print, it thinks briefly and comes back with a dialog box of "The document could not be printed". When you click "ok", another box comes up saying "There were no pages selected to print." This happens whether it's a single page PDF or a multiple page PDF.

      It seems to work fine on a machine running Reader 6. Other issues happen when you try it on a machine with Reader 7. (opens and prints, but missing a colored border)

      Any ideas why Reader 9 might be doing this? I should have permissions to the network folder. Someone else running Reader 9 gets the same messages, and I know she's got full permissions too!