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    Adobe Reader 8 - Document Security - conflicting information

      A PDF has been created in a process where Security is applied by itext sharp; and all values should be set to Allowed.

      When I check File > Properties > Security Tab (in adober reader 8) I can see:

      1) At the bottom a 'Document Restrictions Summary' section, but not all my values are "Allowed". So possibly something isn't right with the itext sharp process. However what is more confusing and the purpose of this post is that I can also see....
      2) At the top the Document Security section and a Show Details button. Selecting this brings up the Document Security dialog with another list of settings - some of which are a contradiction of those shown in the Summary list (point 1 above) e.g. Document Assembly is Not Allowed in 1) above, but is shown as Allowed in the separate Document Security dialog?????

      I can't find any information on the difference between these two sections and which Value is correct.

      Any help appreciated.