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    Install Error Adobe Reader 9.0

      I've read all the previous topics on the forum, as well as the knowledge base and NOTHING is working. First, I get the error getplus_reg.exe, then I "click here to dowload" (because it never starts) then I get the error Adbe90_en_US[1].exe ... sorry for the inconvenience but must close. I've gotten rid of tmp files and registry entries, all previous references to reader. Now I'm stuck and can't view any pdf files because all previous versions are gone from my computer. I tried to find the setup files per topic 83, but I don't have any because I can't get past the installer. Anyone that can offer some suggestions, I would be very GREATFUL!!
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          This is the solution that finally worked for me. I am running XP-SP3. I uninstalled Symantec Endpoint and SpyBot then restarted. Completed a Disk Cleanup (cleaning all offline content, temp files, recycle bin, etc.), then restarted. I then went to Adobe and when it wanted to load the active X controller, I did not and instead went to the if your download doesn't start "click here to download" and SUCCESS!! It loaded with no ERRORS. You can then reinstall your anti-virus, spyware software!