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    stamps cannot be hyperlinked - basic funktion not working. Really?

      At my former job, I had Acrobat professional (V8??) and used stamps quite a lot to add always-the-same text to an already finished document. This stamp had my email adress linked to my email adress and my www.adress linked to my url. I use Acrobat 9 PRO now under windows XP, just to discover, that if I make a new pdf document out of this MS WORD document, this will have the links I want just fine. But: if I use this document which is fine and use it as a stamp in another document, the links are not there anymore vanished in the adobe orcus. I have been reading all day, and found no solution.

      Maybe I should have a work-around, but I used this method often, and it was perfect. Help? Hilfe? Thanks!