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    Workflow for Purchase Order Form?

      I am setting up a paperless Purchase Order system at my company.

      A Purchase Order form has been created in Acrobat with spaces for 4 digital signatures.

      There is a network filesystem where a copy of the form can be stored and completed copies of the form placed. Preferably, a copy of the form will be retrieved from the server, then emailed through the signature process.

      The Workflow:

      1. A user obtains a copy of the PO form, fills it out, digitally signs the form and sends it to their supervisor for approval by email (preferred) or by placing the form in a shared directory.

      2. The supervisor digitally signs the PO and sends it to their Manager.

      3, The Manager digitally signs the PO and sends it to the approval authority.

      4. The approval authority digitally signs the PO and forwards the form to the purchasing department for placement.

      There are about 100 users, 20 supervisors, 5 Managers and 1 Approval Authority.

      How would this workflow be implemented? What I have found so far is examples where 1 form is distributed to a number of people, filled out and returned, collated and reviewed. I been unable to find any examples of this type of workflow.

      Any suggestions?