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    Cannot Open PDF from hyperlink in Excel

      I have a number of computers that are running Windows XP Pro and Office 2003. We have an Excel spreadsheet that has hyperlinks in it to PDF documents which reside on a server. When the user clicks on the hyperlink to open the PDF, they get the typical security thing saying "are you sure you want to open this file" - to which they click OK. On some of the computers, I then get another message box that says "No program is registered to open this file."

      Now, to answer a couple of questions for you that might help out:
      1) This is not an issue with permissions to get to the file on the server. I created a new spreadsheet and put a hyperlink to a PDF file that resides on the desktop of the computer I am working on, and get the same message.
      2) We operate in a Workgroup environment and the user account which is giving the error is a Limited Account user. I have tested the same thing with an Administrator account and do not get the error. So this leads me to believe it is a permissions issue somewhere.
      3) On some of our XP Pro/Office 2003 computers, we have Adobe reader 6.0 and on others, we have version 8 or 9. The computers that have version 8 or 9 are the ones that are having the problem. The ones with version 6 are not having issues and work fine.

      So to summarize, the problem is with a limited user account that is running Adobe Reader version 8 or 9.

      I am at a loss for how to resolve this issue and have not been able to find much online about this problem. Any help or suggestions anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.