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    Reader 8 and Presto PageManager

      I am unable to load a scanned pdf file in Reader 8.0 through a program named Presto PageManager. The message returned is:

      There was an error opening this document. The file cannot be found.

      I recently had my workstation upgraded which necessitated the reinstallation of the software that came with my Canon LiDE70 scanner. This model can scan directly to pdf format. The scanning is initiated by a program named Canonscan Toolbox 5.0 and scan file is stored on the hard drive, a new folder being created for each day and all the files scanned on that day being saved therein. When scanning is completed the program Presto!PageManager runs and loads a thumbnail/shortcut to each scanned file. Along the bottom of the screen Pagemanager lists all the other applications that could load the scanned files. Adobe reader appears among these. The usual mode of operation is to select the scanned file (one left-click) and then the application into which you want it loaded (another left-click, in this case on the Adobe Reader icon). Since reinstallation I'm stuck with the message above. The only pertinent change I can think of is that previously I was running Adobe Reader 7(?). I suspect the underlying problem is simply a setting but I'm a bit stuck in finding anything likely in the Tools.Options or Files.Preferences menus.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice.