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    Windows Search doesn't index PDFs, despite installing Reader 9.0.0


      I've just installed Windows Search, right after installing the new version of Adobe Reader.

      In fact, I just installed WDS onto two machines, both running XP and one with Adobe Reader 8.1.2, the other with Reader 9. The one with Adobe 8.1.2 has no trouble at all with PDFs while the other shows them in the preview pane like a champ - but won't index their contents (it only indexes document names). I tried going back to 8.1.2 on the problem machine and re-indexing, but that didn't help.

      On both computers I looked under "Search Options/Advanced/File Types" Windows Search. In both cases the pdf option is greyed out but listed as "pdf filter" with a check on "Index Properties and File Contents."

      So both PCs ought to be indexing PDFs, but for some reason, one isn't.

      I don't know what to try at this point. As I understand it, I ought to have everything necessary for it to work. Just to make sure, I tried downloading and installing the Foxit iFilter, but that didn't help anything.

      Thanks for any thoughts!

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          Don't know if this is EXACTLY the same issue, but I am seeing search issues in SharePoint. Have removed and reinstalled the PDF ifilters, removed and installed Reader 9 which contains the latest ifilters....no success.

          Microsoft referred me to Adobe for a solution, but so far nothing.

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            I know this is a forgotten thread but I stumbled across it and wanted to point out that Version 9 of the Adobe Reader is busted.  This relates more to Indexing Service on Windows 2003 Server but still applies as the description of problem is nearly identical.


            Reader 9 is broken where talking to Microsoft Indexing Service is concerned.  At first, I thought it was just a botched install of an update.  After setting up a test server installing just Reader 9 and creating a catalog, I found the problem is not by chance.


            I did find that the ifilter was not being properly registered with the Indexing Service in v9, but that fixing the registration problem didn't help.


            Below is where to check in the registry:


            Look at DLLsToRegister and make sure the AcroRdIF.dll is last in the list. The list is processed start to end so having the reader ifilter at the end ensures your pdf indexing won't get messed up by some other well meaning service.


            Most likely, you won't find an entry in the list with the proper path information.


            Adding the registration doesn't help with the v9 problems, but will help after reinstalling v8 and trying to figure out why it won't work either.