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    Print characters from CAD drawing have extra lne

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          I used Acrobat 6 to create a pdf from a Pro-Engineer CAD drawing. When I view the drawing using the Reader, version 6 or 9, all images and text look good and are readable. Normally, I can print these CAD pdf files with no problem and everything is readable. However in about 1 percent of cases, the text is not readable on the print-out. Several characters print incorrectly. For example, the characters A, L, F, and V are printed as triangles where 2 lines are in the correct position but the third line or side of the triangle is added or is in the wrong position. Dimension lines for angles also print with extra lines although the computer monitor image is correct.
          I have tried printing this file from pro-engineer several times and have got the same error. This is frustrating because the image looks perfectly good on the monitor while using the reader but the print-out is different from the image. And, this only happens with a small number of these files.