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    Why is our CRM and Acrobat Reader breaking each other ?

      Hi everyone.
      We are facing here a probleme for years, since Reader 6 thru the latest 9, installed yesterday.
      We have 4 Windows Server Terminal serveur (2x2000 with Citrix,2x2003 with only Microsoft Terminal server.). We are hosting a simple CRM application, but made as an ACTIVEX Document Object (Visual Basic .VBD). So, to launch the application, we have to use Internet Explorer (5/6/7).
      On the sames servers is installed a bunch of Acrobat reader 6/8/9.

      Each time we reinstall a new version of our CRM, it broke the PDF integration in Internet explorer. That is, if you click on link to a pdf file, the PDF is not shown in Internet explorer, but rather Acrobat opens and display... an empty error message with just OK on it.

      Each time we install a new version of Acrobat, our application is quite functionning, but some links are not fonctionning (it opens a dialog asking what to do with .vbd file).

      (Yes, we use the /install switch to be sure to be in install and not execute mode)

      The work around is to go to install mode, reinstall the crm, verify it works, and then launch Acrobat reader and untick browser integration, quit acrobat, restart acrobat and tick again browser integration.

      Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work completely (PDF file are loaded without errors but in a separate windows, even with browser integration ticked).

      Any advice, observation or guru meditation is welcome.
      Thanks in advance.