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    Deploying Adobe Reader 9 through Group Policy

      I have set up the GPO and the .msi starts to deploy. However, Windows XP then hangs on installing managed software for quite a while. When the login screen eventually comes up, Reader has not been installed.

      In the Event Viewer, under Application, the following error is logged: Event ID: 11305
      Product: Adobe Reader 9 -- Error 1305.Error reading from file \\server\msi$\Adobe\Reader\Data1.cab. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

      I have verified, and I can open it, and from the same installation files, install Reader manually on a computer by running the setup.exe or the .msi file.

      Permissions on the root share folder are:
      Everyone Full
      Administrator & System - Full Control
      Users - Read & Execute, Read Permissions

      I have tried this with two different downloads of Reader 9, both of which were links sent on the Licensing/Distribution email from Adobe, and both files, once unpacked, have been tested as straight installs (works) and GPO Deployments (doesn't work).

      I have created a Transform with Adobe Customization Wizard 9, and included these in the GPO where appropriate. However, I have attempted an install without a Transform, and this had that same effect and error.

      I have read reports across the net at how it is so easy, and so many people have succeeded where I have failed, and can find no-one who has had the same issues... please, someone help. I need to get Adobe Reader across the network, and would much prefer to do it through Group Policy using the .msi files than having to script it.

      Many thanks,

      Karl Pennington