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    Unable to Print with Adobe Reader 9

      I just installed the free Adobe Reader 9. After opening a PDF document and attempted to print, I received an alert from Adobe Reader stating that there are no printers installed.

      This is not the case, there are several network printers installed and I'm able to print to them using other applications, such as Word, Browsers, etc.

      Anyone have any ideas before I uninstall this beast of a reader?

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          That is weird and has never happened to me so i can't help here sorry mate.
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            Problem solved. Apparently I had a corrupt print driver, even though Windows XP said the printer was ready.

            Reinstalled driver and problem solved.
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              I too have had touble printing a pdf file with Adobe reader 9. I have reloaded drivers, set up new printer, talked with mfg of my printer with no success. My printer does not give me an error message, just acts as if it will print but stops and it is not in the printer spooler. Can anyone help me PLEASE.
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                I too have problem, reader keeps telling me to install a printer before I attempt to print. I have an HP All-in-One, 1210 xi. It worked fine in 8 not working now with 9. I am able to print documents from all other products except Adobe.
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                  i have experienced the same problem, though not universally. that is, in the last week or so, i have not been able to print two PDF files -- only two -- of approximately a dozen PDF files i have downloaded. i have no idea why i should be able to print most PDF files and not some.
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                    We are cannot print PDF files that open in EITHER Acrobat Reader 9 or 8. Have uninstalled and reinstalled both 8 and 9 and tried the print command unsuccessfully with both. When we open any PDF file and try to print using a Konica Minolta PagePro9100 black and white laser printer, we get a message that Acrobat Reader needs to close, is sorry for any inconvenience this causes, and asks whether we wish to report the error to Microsoft (YES!!). We were able to print comparable files in previous versions of Adobe Reader. We can print from other programs on the same printer.
                    What on earth is going on?
                    Hope Adobe tech support is monitoring this forum. We own a lot of Adobe software, and this is REALLY annoying.
                    Marilyn and Warren Clark
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                      Marilyn Clark ... I had the same problem, just uninstall all your printer drivers (since there is no way figuring out which one is corrupt) and re-install. It should work fine afterwards.
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                        I am going to chime in because I am having the same printer problems. I have re-installed both the reader and print drivers, but no such luck. I have a HP D1320 printer and i am getting a no printers installed error only for the Adobe files. IS there a update or fixer-upper?? I have vista. I am not sure if installing a earlier version of reader would work. I need a sugestion, please.
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                          I am having the exact same problem. I have a Canon all in one. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers etc. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe reader 9.

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                            Graham Guthrie

                            I am experiencing the same problem. I am not able to print any PDF file. After clicking on the print Icon in Adobe reader I get the correct Print window. I then select current page and I can see a preview image. When I click on OK I get a message window with "The document could not be printed". after clicking OK I then get a message that says "There were no pages selected to print".


                            I have reloaded Adobe reader and print drivers for both HP 1022 and Samsung C300 printers but always get the same results.

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                              I'm having the same problem on WinXP except with a HP 1320 laserjet printer. Deleting and reloading HP 1320 Postscript drivers did not help.

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                                Graham Guthrie Level 1

                                I was able to resolve my problem by uninstalling adobe reader and reinstalling adobe reader 9.1.0. Did not have to reinstall any printer drivers again and all worked ok. I am now not allowing any updates to this level as I believe there are problems with latest update.


                                Graham Guthrie

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                                  ewe600 Level 1

                                  Thank you for the help. I ended up installing Adobe 8.1.3 and reinstalling the HP printer driver (PCL 6).



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                                    I encountered the same issues and tried repair adobe, update adobe, change printer (Canon and HP printers) in the end uninstall and reinstall of adobe reader was the only method I found to be successful.

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                                      Graham Guthrie Level 1

                                      My machine has been fine since I last reinstalled adobe reader 9. Tried to print a large pdf file today from my inbox in outlook express and machine again experienced the same problem. Was not able to open my printer and faxes window and unable to print anything else. I resolved the problem by taking the following actions:

                                      Opened Administrative tools in control paneland went to Component Services and clicked on Services(local).Scrolled window down to Print spooler and highlighted Print spooler. Tried to Stop the service. After some time received an error 1053 indicating that the service could not be stopped successfully.

                                      I then Tried to restart the service. This appeared to work correctly. at this point tried to reopen printer and faxes window and could now see my printers briefly before getting error msg indicating spooler problem again. When clicking on my printer icon I could see the document that I had tried to print when I experience the original problem in the printer queue. At this point decided to try and find the file in question. Found a file in C:\windows\system32\spool\printers directory with an filename of xxxxx.spl. This is the spooler print file. I then tried to delete this file but was not allowed to do so by the system. I then used a program called unlocker assistant and deleted the file. Hey presto all printing is now restored and working well again.


                                      It appears that the spool file generated was corrupted and the spooler could not handle the problem. Am not sure where the problem is created. It could be with adobe 9 or it could be a windows spooler problem.


                                      Graham Guthrie

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                                        I have the exact same problem (can't print) but when I try to upgrade to 9.1, it won't let me, saying that I need to log on as system administrator, or contact system administrator, even though I am logged on as system administrator already!


                                        Anyone else have this problem?  Wonder if it is adobe, or my laptop.


                                        Also, how do you download old versions of Reader?  Thanks for the help in advance!

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                                          weilm2002 Level 1

                                          Nevermind I think I got it.

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                                            I have this same problem.  I think I fixed it by changing some security settings in user profiles.  I don't know what change worked - I pretty much changed every user profile I found.  I'm sure there is a proper procedure, but I'm only a mother with no legitimate training.  If you ever get a formal answer, please let me know the answer.  Thanks

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                                              I'm a developer trying to help customers having trouble printing pdfs constructed by our system. It would appear Adobe Acrobat Reader is failing to print due to an embedded unicode font. I've tried a few so far, and when included, printing fails as per the many descriptions in this thread.


                                              When not including the unicode fonts, printing works fine.

                                              For the curious, I've tried Code2000 and Arial Unicode (poached from my Mac for testing purposes only).


                                              Adobe Devs - Are you looking into this? Do you know of any work-arounds? An update would be greatly appreciated since the only response I have for my customers is to not use your product.


                                              Forum Users - Macs can use Preview just fine, but what about Windows users? What's the easiest workaround for the reader on that platform?


                                              Interesting Note - On a Mac, viewing in Preview and printing as a PDF will produce a PDF file that is printable from Acrobat Reader.


                                              Message was edited by: nesanwaran to include an interesting note hopefully giving more insight into the problem.

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                                                Niche Affiliate

                                                I had this problem printing but when I checked it turned out my current printer was not showing as the default printer so I changed that and everything printed ok. That worked successfully for me.

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                                                  pwillener Level 8

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