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    Issue related to the first hit searched using external hit highlight server.

      I am using an external hit highlight server to hit web search queries in the PDF document. The Acrobat Browser plugin jumps to the right page as well as the hits are highlighted. However, if the first hit is found to be at the bottom of the page, the Acrobat plugin doesn't jump to the bottom of the page and put hit highlight into focus.<br /><br />Ironically, if you search for something within the Reader/Browser plug-in it works just fine.<br /><br />I am finding the hits by passing xml data in the form:<br /><br /><XML><br /><Body units=characters><br /><Highlight><br /><loc pg=41 pos=1427 len=5><br /><loc pg=42 pos=496 len=5><br /><loc pg=42 pos=543 len=5><br /><loc pg=42 pos=676 len=5><br /><loc pg=42 pos=1054 len=5><br /></Highlight><br /></Body><br /></XML><br /><br />URL looks like:<br />http://xxx/yy.pdf#xml=http://xxx/highlight.jsp?q="search query"<br /><br />The above jsp returns an XML stream similar to the one i have shown in the above example.