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    Unable to view PDFs. Only on 1 part of 1 website

      Hello I'm currently experiencing an odd issue with a vast majority of the users I deal with. A vendor my company deals with recently made a change to part of their web site so that pdfs do not cache when you view them on that part of the web site. In other words, you receive a link to a pdf and the pdf data isn't rendered until you click on the link. They haven't applied this across the entire web site.

      For the most part, none of my users can view these pdfs. All they get is the RED X. Originally when I spoke with the vendor it was suggested we update Reader, so I did, to 9. I haven't had a problem viewing since. Installing 9 on other machines did nothing to help matters. No users have any problems viewing PDFs on any other web sites, just one part of this web site.

      This seems to be a machine based issue since anyone can use my computer and view the pdf without issue, however I, with admin rights, cannot go to another computer and access the pdf. Thank you.

      However we've done some troubleshooting. We took a few computers and prevent the Global Policies from being applied, then we uninstall then reinstall Reader 8, then it works. Reapply policy and we have to start all over again. Regardless of policy being applied or withheld, my machine still works.

      I've compared settings with computers that do work and don't work and threw mine into the mix as well. Where it should, it looks like everything is matching up save for the differences between preferences for 8 and 9. The vendor site is IE only, but even with the IE tab add-on for firefox, it still works. My users are using either IE6 or 7. The vendor claims that we are the only ones experiencing this issue and that there was 1 other experiencing the problem (even though I don't believe they fully replicated the issue) and the fix was to "Enable PDF in Browser" which I wouldn't assume to have anything to do with the problem.

      We've accepted the fact that something in our Global Policy is at odds with their anti-caching, but due to the size of the policy it seems hard to pinpoint and my IT dept doesn't think that any of the policy should be affecting anything with Reader.

      I greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer.