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    Help - pulling my hair out with secured pdf!

      Hi there - first time user here so go easy on me.

      I am creating a PDF file from within CS2 to present a slideshow of photographs to my clients for selection and purchase. I have secured the pdf file to prevent copying and printing of the images (though print screen is still active so really it just prevents copying). I have two questions for anyone out there........

      1. I create the secured PDF on my local drive. But when I copy the PDF file to multiple CD's to distribute to my clients the file will not open. I am assuming this is because the file is copy protected? Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this to enable me to get the file onto multiple CD's?

      2. When I open the secured PDF on my PC the reader prompts me to ask if it is OK to run in full screen mode (due to some possible security threat). As many of my clients are not PC savvy this may cause some concerns for them. Is there any way to turn this alert off when I create the file so the pdf just launches straight into a full screen presentation of the photographs.

      any help would be really appreciated......