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    Links in PDF files

      I've encountered a problem with file links in PDF files. I have a Word 2007 shedule document containing several file links (absolute paths). I save this document out of Word 2007 in PDF format. When I open it, the links are still there and working fine in Adobe Reader (when I open the shedule in the Windows explorer).

      The problem occurs, when I open the shedule using a hyperlink from a website. The shedule is opened inside the Internet Explorer and when hovering over the links, the file paths shown are correct, but when I click on that link an error message pops up saying that the path is not found. The path stated in that error message is not only the correct file path but it is merged together with the path of the shedule itself.

      There is NO baseURL configured in the shedule document and it is strange that the links work correctly in the Reader but not in the webbrowser. I can't find a solution (there seems to be no way to configure the browser plugin).

      Please HELP!