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    Adobe printing issues

      We have a situation in which we need our adobe program to default to a different printer than the windows default printer.


      We have a dot matrix printer set as windows default printer. We have to keep this as the default printer because we use a program called ADP and it has to have this printer as a default to work.

      We also have a color laser printer that we print with one of our websites that uses adobe. The website automatically prints to which ever printer is selected in adobe. We do not get an option to change it. So it always prints to the dot matrix printer.

      We have found a trick in which we can open adobe, print to the color laser printer, and go to the website and print and it will go to the color printer, but we have to do this all the time.

      Is there a registry entry or something in which we can change the default printer in adobe? I have read about something with adobe remembering the last printer used but I think it is in version 8 or higher.

      Unfortunately, we current have to use version 7 due to some incompatibility with a website we work with.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.