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    HELP!  Reader 8.1 Crashes in 3rd party software

      I have Sibelius Starclass, a music program for my classroom. It runs in Reader; it comes with sound clips which play from Quicktime. Every time I play the sound clips, the program crashes, with a cryptic message "Adobe Reader has encountered an error and needs to close." The main error message code is 0xcoooooo5. I have looked on line for 4 hours, and can assume that my computer or Quicktime is not letting Adobe Reader access the sound files, so it crashes. Other files that come up in the log are kernel32.dll and nsdt.dll. I have played with the compatability tabs in the shortcuts. When I use Win 95, the program doesn't crash, it just says The Movie Player Could Not Launch. But, when I disable the compatability, it crashes when I play the sound. Our IMS department flattened my computer and reinstalled everything, and the program worked fine, until this week. I'm hoping to find someone who knows about this error. Sibelius says it sounds like Quicktime won't let Adobe have access. I really HATE when companies make software that runs in 3rd party apps, because I never know if it's Reader, or the program, or what is crashing the computer. BTW -- all of the visuals run perfectly...it's just the sounds. I have also tried updating reader and q-time.

      Sys: Win XP, on a Novell client system.